Court cases, complaints and consumer court cases against CLPD

CLPD, the builders for Suncity gloria, has a bad reputation. I have covered earlier how there is a court case filed by Suncity people against CLPD. There are many FIR and police complaints against CLPD filed by Suncity people. There is a consumer court case going against CLPD, for the missing amenities in suncity.

But when you bought (or are planning to buy) suncity Gloria, you would have thought that Suncity is the only project where the problems exist. Builder will try to convince you that his other projects were well executed. But it is not so. Some of the major problems I have highlighted in other projects are:

1. Genesis project has a school coming up in their campus. Their inside road has been turned to public road. All the access to these will be through genesis.

2. The main gate has been removed from Genesis project, to facilitate everybody’s movement across the property.

3. Euphoria has missing clubhouse, sanitation, STP etc. The money collected for cauvery connection running into crores was never paid to the government.

There are many more issues that I have covered earlier. Now it turns out that people of Euphoria project are also planning to file cases against the CLPD. Do you still want to believe everything is good with this crooked builder?



Some of us are wanting to approach the consumer forum in individual capacity on grievances with the CLPD. This will include failure to provide OC, failure to give Sanitation, Failure to give promised clubhouse, STP plant among others.

Pls advice your views on this as the intent is not to undermine the efforts ongoing to put association in place.

Also those who want to join in the effort on consumer forum can let me know.



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3 Responses to “Court cases, complaints and consumer court cases against CLPD”

  1. Sparsh Says:

    CLPD is starting a new project 1.5 KM away Carmelaram Rly Station. They are charging 3K per sqft and the pattern of charges seems to match with what has been said on this blog. I didnt even bother getting more details after reading this blog. Thanks 🙂

    Not that all the builders are angels. One interesting news about SJR:–.html

    • suncitygloria Says:

      I agree with you Sparsh. Not all builders are angels. Mantri, sobha, SJR have screwed up in past many times.

      But CLPD is a builder who has a 100% screw up rate till now. All his 4 projects till now are under problems. Better stay away.

  2. Says:

    not only this one but all major builders are looting customers

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