Another fraud surfaces in Gloria

I have covered earlier how CLPD are big frauds and would do anything to extract money out of people. I had warned you earlier about this. The builder is selling the flats at cheap rate to tie you in, and then will extract the money by hook or crook.

Read the mail I received.

I have received a mail for Revised Service Tax from the builder. Did anyone got such mail?

And what we are going to do?

With Best Regards


I have covered this earlier. All this talk about Service tax hike in budget is a lie. Suncity people are not making any additional payments to the government. You can try this by asking the builder to produce the service tax receipts. He will not be able to provide the receipts because he is not paying any service tax.


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3 Responses to “Another fraud surfaces in Gloria”

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  2. harin Says:

    HI this is Harinkumar, I have also got the email like this, when i asked the agents at suncity gloria, they told not having any info about that, asked to contact head office, later when i contacted the head office, there is no reply from them, better we can form a group to avoid this kind of frauds from builder, as i am not aware of this builder, i have taken apartment from this builder, i am suffering like anything, whether this builder will stand on his promise or not, as i observed as of now, he is trying to charge as much as possible from the flat owners.

    at least he should stand on the what is the amount we have committed to buy the apartment.

  3. suncitygloria Says:

    Harin what you are experiencing is a standard fraud that CLPD commits every single time.

    They keep the selling rates low. Then they keep asking for more and more money on different things. All this money is never paid to govt. agencies as it should be. 5 years down the line, you need to pay this amount again to the government agencies. Builder apart from that will take over all common facilities of your apartment and make your life hell for next few decades.

    My recommendation is that you sell the apartment, if there are buyers and get out. This is just the beginning. If you cannot sell for whatever reason, Group UP.Join like minded people, form an association and then talk to the builder.

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