CLPD masters and their goons now resorting to this

I have been blogging about how clpd, the builders of Suncity gloria, have many goons on their payrolls. These goons are running the supermarket in Suncity, and own newspapers supply, milk supply within their projects.

Now it appears they have started resorting to thefts. The generator batteries for CLPD project goes missing. No need to say, who has been stealing…. wink wink.



The two batteries that are required to kick-start the Diesel Generator
of Block 20 cluster were stolen last night. As a result, the DG is not
starting. We are procuring the batteries on an immediate, emergency
basis, but it will still be about 6-8 hours before the batteries reach
Suncity and are installed. In the meantime, our electricians are trying
to tide over the situation by ferrying the batteries back & forth
between Block 13 DG and Block 20 DG. Therefore, some delays in starting
the DG in case of BESCOM failure is unavoidable.

Apologies for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience.



Read Here, how they resorted to abusing me for having a blog.

If you are still not trapped, get out FAST.


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