Feedback on Ozone evergreens

Ozone evergreens is a project by ozone group on haralur road, Bangalore. The project has been under construction for more than 4 years now, and still not fully sold. The project is already delayed by 2 years. Even now there are not more than 10 workers at any given time working on the project. This project is strictly to be avoided.

Here is the feedback on one buyer

I have purchased flats looking at their commercial space credentials. But was surprised about the attitude of people there.
The entire management starting from the TOP is novice in customer ( apratment -Home) handling. The sales team is not a team there to sell but just to listen to their management and none at customer service standards.

Let me tell you some small snippets.

1. Project sold as affordable .
2. Why affordable — not that it was cheap… the area was reduced.
3. How was the area reduced , remove balcony, make wrong calculations on built up area and share of land.
4. Get the customer commit and then tell them sorry I have made a msitake , but you pay the price for my mistake .
5. As the project gets delayed, now see how you can make it up financially by adding some more area.
6. Customer is forced to pick it up even if he does not want it.
7. No word about delay of project at its consequences.
8. Promptly( not so) ask for installments due .
9. None in the sales team has the guts to take up a case for customer.
10. The team (management) does not understand the home customer .
11. Arrogant attitude.

Do you still want to buy at EVERGRENS. Buy if you can live the above as I am living with it and I AM STUCK

And here is another

Why would you ever trust a company where there is lot of attrition from the lower level sales to the top level VP Sales and Customer Service.

Never allow the cutomers to have a look at the construction site progress siting security constraints.
Never give a final plan for completion of the project.
People make promises and then they are no longer with the organization.
Huge delays in the project completion.
Amenities listed in the brochure not part of the sale agreement.
Materials to be used in the constrcution and the fixture not mentioned with the details.
Sample falt still not ready!!!!!
No regards to cutomers will not pick up the call and give straight answers.
Unrealistic prices for the quality of the Management and the work in progress.
Every changing flat layouts which are without balconies.

I can go on an on an on …..
Only reason why people fall in the trap is becasue of its very good locations!!!!!

The plan keeps changing, the number of blocks keep changing, the completion date is not known to anybody, and the builder is not bothered.

Strictly avoid.


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4 Responses to “Feedback on Ozone evergreens”

  1. sleep apnea Says:

    Hi there everyone, it’s my first visit at this web site, and post is truly fruitful for me, keep up posting such articles.

  2. Life in Bangalore Says:

    Now the project is complete though they have changed the Club House design to great extent but the haralur road remains same

  3. sanjay Says:

    a fraud company. they make the life of 900 residents in Evergreens a pathetic tale, when i spoke to the residents. the club houde is the FUNNIEST place to be in. Majory of the promised amenities were never provided. The quality of constuction is pathetic. Any one can visit the evergreen premises to understand the apathy of the residents

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