Maintenance standards of CLPD. The gloria builders

Got a few emails on the maintenance standards of CLPD. You read and judge yourself.

Soumitra Saha

Mar 20

to Euphoria_Owners

Dear Euphorians,

I was talking to Raghu of CLPD maintenance on the pending issues. As usual he was at his aggressive best and was trying to avoid any direct commitment on anything. Most of the time he was mentioning that a group from Euphoria had met their MD (not sure Ravi or Govinda Acharya) last week on the status and he would not like to repeat the same.

Would like understand whether Raghu was just trying to avoid answers or a group from Euphoria had really met CLPD MD. In case some of us have already met, would request for an update on what the MD replied on our queries.

Soumitra K Saha


Shanmugam Devaraj

Mar 18

Dear All,

When the land-filling was done by our neighbour atleast we had a relief from

a) Mosquitos

b) Smell due sewage water passing.

for few days…

Now the smell and mosquitos are on the rise… Yesterday night I have not been able to walk without waving my hands for the mosquitos. Poor security folks as well… May be it’s one way of keeping them awake 🙂

Now there is water clogging both near the road and behind Euphoria apartments… This is not good for us. I am not sure how many such issues we would need to face in future! Any update on Sewage Water Treatment plant functioning… Looks like we are alsoletting Sewage without treating it apart from Suncity apartments. The water clogging near the compound wall of Suncity is probably an indication of the same for Suncity sewage and ours near the neighbouring plot.


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