CLPD now promoting their new company – GR Projects and Infrastructure.

CLPD is the builder for Suncity Gloria and previous 3 projects. After having garnered enough negative publicity because of their antics, goondas and frauds; they have done something excellent.

They started a Company called GR Projects and Infrastructure, registered in the name of their son. They have been using that company now to buy lands and launch new projects. Because they know, Gloria will be their last fraud they have perpetuated on people of Bangalore. So they are planning to re-invent themselves with new name.

See this interaction here. You can also see Raghu Achar’s counter reply. But he very conveniently forgets to mention that He is the son of the MD of the CLPD. Basically both are companies run by father and son. This is hilarious, except for it is so sad.

Father son duo, know that their CLPD cannot last in market for long. So they started a new company with new name and started their fraud in Old madras road. I just hope people don’t lose money in the GR Sun Villas project. The project is already 1 year delayed, and I hope that it does get completed some day.


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