sjr avalon review

Here is the information I picked up on sjr avalon. Apparently, they have legal issues as well

Recently I got interested in sjr avalon project in marathali due to its location but after checking all the details I found that builtup area for a 3bhk flat is only 68% of super builtup area. So carpet area will be even lower than this. I dropped considering this project because of too low carpet area. For a 3bhk builder is quoting 1406 sqft super builtup area but the calculated builtup area is only 959 sqft.

I would advise each buyer to please check all calculation themself and don’t believe builder calculation even if the builder is good. This way you don’t have to regret it later.


Hi All,

I think we must take the point raised by Retbin seriously. Is any one aware about this case and collected judgement copy.Has the lawyer of any of us asked for this previously and gave legal opinion considering this case as well.Please share with this forum or otherwise we need to get it from SJR and see what it is.I feel we must take serious note whenever any issue is raised on legal points.

I have extracted Retbin’s point for your ready reference and is below:

I have booked a flat two weeks back. Went for a legal opinion.

The lawyer asked me to get court judegment regarding case No: 23761 – The case
was between NS.Nagaraj (Landowner/SJR) and the BBMP (this file was not there in
the documents provided by SJR).

The judgement for the case was delivered in April 20th 2012 with action saying
“Partly Allowed”.

I have asked SJR for the order around 8 days back. SJR is saying the judgement
order is with their lawyer and it is taking time. Still waiting..

I think many would have gone for Legal, Does anyone have the judegment order?

Thanks a lot.

Arun Behera
D 203


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2 Responses to “sjr avalon review”

  1. Kiyon Says:

    You rejected only because of carpet area !! Are you kidding me.. Just look out the location from Google Maps .. You have a ACC concrete plant in front and ACC cement plant next to the project.. Good for you that you dropped .. I wouldn’t have gone near to it by any way !! Hazardous location meant for industries now he is building flats.. Just near to it there is SJR unity project i have known many people who booked apartments there just ask them how they are cheated in every aspect .. I wont even look at SJR or disguised BREN….

  2. Subhro Says:

    Hi Mr. Arun,
    can you let me know your mobile number, so that I get to know more about the research that you did.
    I am looking to buy a property there and want to get more details on this legal issue.

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