Once a fraud, Always a fraud – proven by CLPD

I was forwarded these emails from a mailing group.

Apparently some of the Gloria people’s booking have gone missing, because they were sold to somebody. This is sad and pathetic. I can only hope that people affected are somehow accommodated in another flat without much problems.


Hi All,

Just another shocker from Suncity Guys. I have booked and made agreement for an apartment in Block 2, Wing A.
Yesterday one of my friends went to book a flat in Suncity, and guess what they were offered my flat as vacant and they blocked it with Rs 56K.

Crazy Guys. I called them up and blasted like anything.

Need to sort out the matter today. Please check with Site Office/Head Office they your flats are safe and booked/blocked/sold exclusively to you only.



Ankur ankuXXXX@gmail.com

HI All,
The same thing was happened with my friend also who had booked a flat in
block 1 wing B,
initially he paid 56K to confirm the booking and he got allotment letter
for the same.
After few weeks when he went for agreement he came to know that the builder
has allocated same apartment to some other party.
(a close friend of builder). After heated argument, builder gave him other
apartment with some 50 rs per sqft less price.

In your case also, i think he has allocated your apartment to some of his
close frnd.
I guess yours is a 3BHK apartment.
If it is a 3bhk then builder has done this intentionally for his own profit


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2 Responses to “Once a fraud, Always a fraud – proven by CLPD”

  1. Abc Says:

    I appreciate that you are trying to educate the public about the pros and cons with CLPD. I can say that most of the issues raised by you are relevant and accurate. There are several other issues (mostly negative) that you are not aware of yet, but will eventually come to your knowledge. My one request would be that when you post e-mails from residents, please remember to black out the names, e-mail ids, phone numbers etc. This will protect the innocent and they will have more confidence to share other horror stories. Perhaps, you should put a note requesting people to contribute and promise that all resident’s names will be blacked out.

    • suncitygloria Says:

      Please accept my apologies. I have removed partial email id, so that spam bots don’t pick these up and the privacy of the individual is not violated. Also as a policy, I will edit out email ids in future for privacy of people.

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