Suncity Gloria builder – Diversion of Raj Kaluve in his other project

Euphoria is one of the older project of CLPD. Read a mail of a Euphoria owner on how builder has diverted raj kaluve for land gain. Let me remind you that Raj kaluve diversion is a enchroachment on government land. Read about consequences here.

Shanmugam Devaraj

This is an update regarding the water passage from Iblur lake to Bellandur lake and the night work for land filling.

Some of us had a catch-up with M N Reddy yesterday morning. Reddy promised to make a small passage for next couple of days and also stop the land filling work at night. Both hasn’t happened.

Today morning I had a catch-up with another set of owners or the actual owners as claimed by them. Sorry didn’t take my phone along with me otherwise could have invited few of you in this discussion!

Water passage :- The issue as claimed by the adjacent land owner is that Mr. Govindachary of CLPD has altered the course of water passage and as per the village map the water should not be flowing where it has been flowing so far. As per their claim it is part of their neighbour property where currently Embassy pristine has put up labour tents. The owner has informed the neighbours and CLPD that this needs to be resolved for the last 6 months and there is no response. She had resorted to land filling as last resort.

We may have to bring this to Media and BBMP attention so that it is resolved before the monsoon.


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