Suncity Gloria – What/Where is phase 2 and phase 3

A gloria buyer forwarded me this email from his mailing group.

ambika prasad
Just to mention, any words which are not documented in agreement are not reliable. Builder can change them as and when he wants and we can not claim anything legally.

As builder has given us the approved plan with rode for Block-1 an Block-2 and the corresponding land belongs to block-1 and block-2 owners, can we legally block the road for access to hebind blocks?


Sharad Kumar

what is this ph2 & ph3….is it Block2 & Block3 you are talking about ?

So I thought I will put in more details in this blog on What is Phase 2 of Suncity Gloria and What is Phase 3 of Suncity Gloria. And how CLPD is about to fry you on a pan.See this image. Click it for a better resolution image.

  • The black area is the suncity Gloria for which you were shown brochures.
  • The red area is the Phase 2. This is a functioning farm house owned by 2 reddy brothers. Their farm now cannot be reached by any existing road, as the access has been blocked by Suncity gloria. Now they have reached a understanding with CLPD to construct a residential complex there. One third of the flat will be owned by Reddy brothers and CLPD will construct and sell the remaining
  • The yellow area is the phase 3. This is farm land with no construction. Jointly owned by group of farmer family. They also don’t have any access from anywhere, except a mud road from the side of railway track. Though they have not signed any agreement with CLPD, they are already in talks with them. The only contentious point is money to be paid for land.
  • Remember this. I hope told earlier that residents do not own all the land of Suncity Gloria. Many common areas and club house is on land owned by builder. Now if builder owns the land on which road is built in suncity gloria, how can you stop access of Phase 2 people from that road. If builder owns the land on which club house is built, how can you stop the phase 2 people from accessing this land.

I would love to have your comments here and learn from you and answer them.


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12 Responses to “Suncity Gloria – What/Where is phase 2 and phase 3”

  1. Suncity Says:

    More residential apartment from CLPD…I will buy one in Ph2 because its away from the main road….

  2. Suncity Says:

    Also what is the problem if all Ph1, 2 and 3 are from the same builder….ofcourse roads has to be shared by everybody….I guess you have never lived in a big residential community …
    Please don’t delete this post…..

    • suncitygloria Says:

      Breach of promise.

      Phase 1 has been sold telling people that its a enclosed community. Now it is not.

      Secondly, Phase 2 and phase 3 are going to use the same road, same amenities, same playground, same swimming pool. So instead of 1000 families, now 3000 families will use the facilities. I

      • Suncity Says:

        I do not think so…As of now Genesis, Suncity and the one behind suncity ( I do not remember the name) is having there own swimming pools….
        Ofcourse the new block ppl will be using the same road…I also assume that enclosed community means people living together who belongs to the community build by the same builder …
        May what ever you are writing is true but as of now I do not see any harm buying Gloria…If someone you really want to help others then start posting other options which is better and not much costlier than Gloria….

      • suncitygloria Says:

        Same builder?

        Same road will be used for Embassy project and 20 other projects that will come up behind suncity. Which world are you living in.

        Wake up.

  3. Suncity Says:

    Come on…do not change the focus of this discussion..the blog is more about the Gloria….and you have already said that all phase 2 and 3 land is purchased by no more question about other builder coming.
    Now come to the part of Suncity the road belong to the BBMP…Ofcourse builder has messed it up but the buyers had also purchased it without proper information….
    If you do not have much info about projects in Bangalore facing the road problem I suggest to check the brigade on Banerghatta road and see how they have sorted out this problem…People could have done the same solution in Suncity and its easy here because other end of the road ends at the lake which is not the case with Brigade on Banerghatta road…
    I will not blame the only in Suncity…if its 60% builder and remaining 40% fault goes in the buyer hand…..

    • suncity Says:

      i have never seen a bigger idiotic reply. do you belong to the illiterate family of clpd?

    • suncitygloria Says:

      First of all read my blog again about what I wrote. Secondly, see the brouchure for Suncity using which it was sold to people. There is no mention of public road or anything in that. Thirdly google the term “Breach of trust”.

      Now coming back to Gloria. Phase 1 is being sold by telling that facilities, road and everything is for them. Now the road will be used by everybody (No surprise, this has been done before). All you know later on the road will be used by everybody and might join the road that cuts across the railway line.

      Also, the swimming pool was for 1100 flats of gloria. But surprise surprise, now 3300 flats of phase 2 and 3 will use the same facilities. Oh and the club house, which never really belongs to the residents. That also will be used by everybody.

      But then again, why should it bother you. You didn’t buy in suncity gloria. You are here to only defend the builder. Right.

      • Suncity Says:

        Do you think that ALL 2200 ppl will pay the money for the swimming pool and club house which will be under use by another 1100 ppl (considering your blog saying that by 2016 Ph2 will start and by that time Gloria will be finished )? Or do you think that builder will just mention it in the new brouchure of Ph2 and 3 that its “Free” ?

      • suncitygloria Says:

        My point was very simple. I was shown a club house and swimming pool. I was told it will be owned by 1100 people of Gloria.

        Now 3300 people will use it. It is UNFAIR.

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