Suncity Gloria – What builder is not telling you – delay

Right now bookings opened for Block2-wing-a. sales persons are quoting 2975 (negotiable). Possession is end of 2013 (6 months buffer). Off course you are not worried because there is a penalty clause in the agreement.

Suncity, Euphoria and Genesis were delayed by years. They also had penalty clauses. How much penalty was paid out by CLPD to the owners. 0. That is true. NO PENALTY PAID EVER.

The project is supposed to give possession for Block 1 by August 2012. This block itself will be delayed by 1 year at least.

I am expecting 1 year delay for sure. Total project will be completed by 2016. By the time of this block possession, remaing wings were under construction. The builder is supposed to maintain the apartment for 4 years. That means the builder will be around to control your lives till 2020.

You really want to cast your fate with this builder for next eight years. If you think this is hyperbole, remember the builder has not yet vacated any of the previous project he has ever constructed.


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6 Responses to “Suncity Gloria – What builder is not telling you – delay”

  1. Suncity Says:

    What do you mean by “control your life 2020” ? ? Builder will get bar dancers in the club house….??

    • suncitygloria Says:

      Builder recently stopped children from playing in Suncity apartments because he was not happy.

      So tell me do you want that with your apartment 5 years from now.

  2. Suncity Says:

    I too live in Suncity…Do you want me post picture of kids playing in the courtyards of different blocks ?
    Also I did not see any notice from the builder ( I am not sure if I missed it) that “kids can not play”.
    Ok are you talking about the play ground at the left side of the entrance ?

    • suncitygloria Says:

      Do you want me to publish emails of suncity residents complaining to association that builder is trying to stop people from using playgrounds?

      • Suncity Says:

        No I want you scan the copy of the builder’s notice in which he has made this statement….and then the mails from residents….
        If you are here to justice then get the evidence from both the sides….

      • suncitygloria Says:

        ha ha. This reply cracks me up. Really.

        CLPD operates through goons, and not through notices. Which world do you live in? Their goons control everything in their project.

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