Suncity Gloria – What builder is not telling you – Railway line

Builder has been telling everyone that Railway line is not an issue. In Bangalore everywhere you can find railway lines. There are only 4 trains that pass through that railway line.

Now is the time for some truths.

1. This railway line goes to Salem.

2. There is a railway station around 250 meters from the project. Usually trains horns just before reaching to station.

3. There is a railway crossing around 25 meters from the project. Usually trains horns just before reaching to station. Especially at night.

4. You can see list of trains stopping at this station here. Apart from this some other trains goes through this line (no stop at this station). If you add Goods trains also, The number of trains through this line is more than 24. That mean a train every hour. That means a honking train at 3:00 am in the morning.

5. Salem is a single line currently. There is a plan to make salem a double line. That means in near future a notification will be issued for acquisition of land for double railway line. What this means for Suncity gloria. All the greenery and baseketball court, tennis court marked on the suncity gloria plan will be demolished and taken over by the railways. You will be left with a building and you apartment.

Here are the emails from some of the people who live in prestige shantiniketan. Their distance to railway line is about three times that in suncity gloria. Read this before you proceed.

mrinal bhalla
10/10/11 to prestige_shant.

Hi All –

This is a query to all the people residing within the blocks right next to the railway tracks, especially the apartments that face the tracks – Please suggest a way / best practice, to reduce the noise made by the passing trains, especially, throughout the night.

I stay on the 10th floor, and keep my bedroom windows, and the door closed, however, that barely takes care of the problem.

Please advise, if anyone’s been successful in tackling the issue.

9th Block

And another one

Srinivas Nallamotu

Hi All,

Its a problem not only for the flats facing tracks – the noise is so loud, it reverberates through the whole complex. I am not sure why they whistle so much in the nights. Also, one train goes so fast that the whole complex shudders.

No idea how to tackle this issue but some thing we need to investigate on how to solve. This seems like major problem for Shantiniketan complex. With a community as large as this, we should be able to put some pressure on railway authorities to mitigate this, at least in the nights.

Best Regards,

Srinivas Nallamotu

Flat 6065

And another one

Yes, by the day, the noise is getting out of control. Its frustrating to see that especially in the nights, trains keep standing and whistling. I took into the apartment just about 2+ months back on rental basis, and haven’t been a able to sleep peacefully even for a single day.

I did check with the Sound proofing person, and he suggesting putting double glass on the sliding windows of the master bedroom, and the bathroom attached. However, that would lock the balcony forever, as the glass would be a permanent fix. Also, the bedroom door would need to have another wood plank attched to it. While that does sound to be the only option, is there any other way that I could have my balcony from getting shut down permanently? On the other note, I do have heavy curtains, which I specially got done at a decent cost to get the noise in control, however, to no use.

On the other suggestion of taking it up with the railway authorities, I think it would be a great try, even if they get convinced of not having the trains to whistle in the night. I am still fine throughout the day, but one does need peaceful sleep in the night. And may be it’s psychological, but the nuisance is just increase by every passing night.


And another

Hi Srinivas

As per Railway rules as far as I know the drivers are suppose to honk when approaching or going from stations, approaching railway crossing or in some other areas / circumstances. I dont think they are doing it deliberately but just following the rules as mentioned. If they dont honk if they were supposed to and some accident happens and in an enquiry it is found they did not folow the rules they would loose the job. I am also saying this because my father was in railways earlier and do know that for operations part the railways are bit strict. Anyway there is no harm in requesting the railways if they can stop the honking but then that may require contacting the General Manager of the Railway division

Thanks and Regards


Throw these emails in the face of the marketing people when they tell you the next time that railway line is not a problem.


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2 Responses to “Suncity Gloria – What builder is not telling you – Railway line”

  1. Ravan Gandhi Says:

    I was looking for rest,My broker took me to suncity the rent quoted is 15 for Merucry block. Why is suncity rent so costly , check sulekha they are coating any where between 60 L for a 2bedroom(sale).
    Thanks for your awareness i did not opt for it

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