TOI reports on layout on Old Madras road.

I hope the blog readers would remember this post, where I had mentioned about CLPD floating a different company in the name of their MD’s son, so that they can continue to use that company to fraud people. Well BDA just called their bluff. Their project on Old madras road runs into problems.

GR sun villas is also one more project by these fraud buiders. Stay away.

Shockingly, BDA records say three of the 127 illegal layouts – Sun City Layout in KR Puram hobli, two layouts in B Narayanapura in Varthur Hobli and Naganahalli in Bangalore East -have “not been traced on the ground”.


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12 Responses to “TOI reports on layout on Old Madras road.”

  1. amith gowda Says:

    well….dear son of thousand bitch’s…sorry i did not find any other good word more than this. the news paper once again,understand well & write comment here. your mother shows other men’s having the same name starts with your father name,will you accept those men’s as your father. TOI published “suncity layout” not “sunvillas” & sunvilla was approved by BMRDA not BDA. If you want to help the buyer’s,give them proper information.Do not misguide the purchaser’s.

    • suncitygloria Says:

      Sir, You english is pathetic. It is my humble request that you ask your boss, to give the job of praising suncity/CLPD/SunVillas, to someone who can write better english.

      Also You might want to go through my earlier two posts about GR sun Villas by CLPD family.

  2. amith gowda Says:

    hahahhahahah now you are having problem with my English also….my god. You are having a problem with gloria, suncity, and sunvillas etc etc….& now with my english.Are you NEW ANNA HAJARE for real estate….??????? woow what a job you are doing, the real social work. I really do not have any intrest to write or to give importance to your blog…but i feel happy to write a replay. you know why,b’coz we all used to enjoy reading your blog, whenever we get bored hahahahahhahahah……..good entertainer you are, please make widen your blog publicity pls.let the people will get some entertainment.

    Son of thousand bitch’s,give some justice to your life, doing some other work.

    • Poona Says:

      Such kind of abuse is typical of the builder and his goons. This is a sign that the builder has noticed the negative publicity generated by your blog. He will never try to counter your argument with facts. Instead, he will try all sorts of tricks such as calling you names, divert the argument, outright falsehoods etc. Please do not fall for such tricks and continue your efforts to expose this fraud builder. I hope this blog gets enough publicity among the people of Suncity. They have enough dirt on this fellow to fill up your blog many pages.

      • suncitygloria Says:

        Thanks. The person might be abusing me here on the blog but I don’t mind. Helps visitors make up their mind on who is speaking the truth. You can help me popularize the blog by posting the link in your apartments mailing group.

      • amith gowda Says:

        wow goon i’am…hahhahaha…poona…dear,we are group of friends,bought the villa in gr-sunvillas. Before booking,we did lot of survey & than we booked our home here. After reading some comments about suncity,i did kind of research,so that my investment should be safe in gr sunvillas. I did not find 0.1% truth,about what these blogs are written here. Felt like,some one having the personal issue with the suncity director & want to put down his company in market.I agree that some small issues are there,but that quiet common with all the builder. U know,why i used those words. the daily news paper says “suncity layout” in kr puram & this fellow posted that here.& stating that,this is the same project. Is he mad?….About what the arguments are going here,about what effort he doing here ? DG battery was lost,that too two battery & 6 hr no power,paper,milk,store ..hahhahahhahahahhaahhah….about this. Really he is thousand Bitch’s son ….fuck him….if you also takes this blog seriously,d’t no what to say. Abusing,you are not worth….

      • suncitygloria Says:

        First of all, ask Acharya’s to fund your education. Join a school so that your arguments can be understood by others. Secondly, If you are a genuine person, would you mind publishing your “Company email id”, so that we can also know about you.

        Also regarding your argument that I am lying: Do you know about various cases filed against CLPD (The acharya family) by various individuals, associations and groups in court, police stations and consumer courts. Do you know about various newpapers that reported against CLPD’s frauds. You want further proof, come this saturday to Suncity Association office in 16-003 flat, and there is a whole bundle of accounts you can go through about how CLPD has committed the frauds.

        But then again, I know goons of CLPD can create a ruckus on road. Don’t have the courage to present facts.

    • suncitygloria Says:

      The builder goons have gone full retard now. Can you please ask your boss to sponsor you some english classes?

  3. gaurav Says:

    CLPD / sunvillas seems to be a full on SCAM !!! BUYERS PLS STAY AWAY ….there are other builders out there …this crap builder is not worth it …i was abt to buy in gloria now i am SCOOTING AWAY !!!! better be safe than sorry !!! THANKS A LOT FOR EXPOSING THESE CHAPS !!

  4. deceived resident Says:

    @amith gowda – whatever you say and abuse, no one will believe you. Suncity and other projects are full of problems. I am a resident and i know what i am saying. These guys are big thugs and social network is really taking a toll on them. We really hope that they go bankrupt as they have really cheated and deceived thousands of family and these kind of builders should definitely be eradicated from the system completely. I already know they are feeling the pinch of negative publicity and low sales. Never fall prey to them.

  5. Arul Says:

    keep up the Good work of blogging. Hats Off…
    I almost went to the extent of booking the Suncity Gloria apartment tomorrow. Thank God..
    but, after going through your blog and below links, i’d dropped the plan of buying suncity Gloria.
    I wish this information spread as early as possible, so that our fellow hard-earning friends doesn’t fall into the trap of the builder

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