The problem faced by Euphoria built by CLPD, the same builder who is giving you suncity Gloria

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You can click on the map below to see where Euphoria is located. Euphoria is the second biggest project built by CLPD (The same builder who is giving you Suncity Gloria).,77.663003&num=1&t=h&ie=UTF8&ll=12.927113,77.663507&spn=0.001367,0.002411&z=14&output=embed
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I am sure you have seen and read the negative feedback about the builder in his largest project. But I will not talk about that today. I want to talk about his second biggest project and evaluate how that is going.

Euphoria project was completed by CLPD 4 years back. Just like Gloria, it was promised all amenities. The current issues –

1. Street light – There is not street light near Euphoria. You cannot walk to Euphoria after 8:00 PM. The street lights were put up when the project was being sold. As soon as the project was sold out, all street lights were taken out to be used in the next project.

2. Cauvery water – The money was taken for cauvery water connection. But it was never paid to BWSSB. Builder refuses to give receipt for money paid. RTI application revealed that there is over 2 crore of payment pending to get cauvery water. A very clean fraud.

3. Maintainable issues – The builder stopped answering maintenance calls a long time back. If you visit the Euphoria apartment, you can see the pathetic state of maintenance. The main gate to Euphoria was installed after 4 years of completion of the project. In suncity the main gate has not been constructed even after 8 year.

4. Handover to association – Builder refuses to recognize owners association in Euphoria. When the suggestion was presented that he sanction the formation of owners association, he wanted to be the lifetime president of the association.

5. Cracks in the building and structural integrity – Euphoria was built on land adjacent to the Lake. The foundation was not dug deep and hence the building started developing cracks within the first year. The swimming pools is build on the top of the basement and leaks water in the basement. That swimming pool will not survive for another 5 years.

6. Khatta issues- The builder did not pay betterment charges or property tax for the property. Hence many owners now cannot get khatta in their name. Another loss of 30-40 thousand for the owners.

I can go on and on. I understand that all builders have some problems related to delay, labor etc. But most of the big builders are genuinely interesting in correcting mistakes. Doesn’t seem like CLPD intends to learn anything.

In the next blog I intend to cover the state of their another property (genesis)


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