Suncity Gloria by CLPD – What builder is not telling you – appreciation

Builder has told many of you that the Suncity Gloria is a perfect case for investment gain. Let’s analyze If that is true.

Suncity Gloria was sold at 2500 (after discounts) to people in 2010. Now the rate being quoted is 3000. But when you negotiate the builder is ready to sign the deals at 2800 after discount. Even for selling at 2800/- the builder is spending money on advertisement, marketing staff and commissions. There is no way a buyer can sell at 2800/-. You cannot even sell at 2500, as no one is buying

So how much percentage appreciation have you seen. 12% in two years. A bank FD gives more than 12% in two years.

Apart from that:

1. You have been paying pre-EMI on your payments.
2. The bulk of the money is taken by the builder in first two-three installments itself.

Anybody still wants to convince me or themselves that Suncity Gloria is a appreciating asset.


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2 Responses to “Suncity Gloria by CLPD – What builder is not telling you – appreciation”

  1. Do Right thing Says:

    I feel you do not enough information on Gloria…
    First of all it started with 2300/- in 2010 and till the end of 2010 it reached around 2500.
    Builder was negotiating to 2800/- only for 2BHK ..3 BHK were sold at 3000/- only.

    Now come to your knowledge on investment in FD…As you have mentioned bank will give 12% in two years but my intelligent friend, I believe none of the Gloria buyer is having 40-50L to put in FD.
    Please think logically before you point on anyone…There are 400-500 ppl out there have put there money in Gloria…try not to make fool of them and if in case you have something please come with a “real” proof….
    Believe me tracking the IP address for this blog is piece of cake 🙂

    • suncitygloria Says:

      Tracking IP.. My IP is

      If you need my home address/Cell number do let me know. I will mail it to you.

      This is what freedom of speech has come to now. Threatening people. Also, I gave you my IP because getting it from wordpress would have been impossible. I live me in europe. I would love to see CLPD come after me.

      Also You need to update your facts. Only the quoted rate of apartments in gloria is 40 L for 2 BHK. Multiple agreements have been done for much lower value.

      I also see that you have been making multiple posts on this blog on how CLPD is good. Care to substantiate a little more.

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