Helpless owners of Genesis try to keep CLPD goons at bay.

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CLPD, same builder who is bringing you suncity gloria is trying to create a new supermarket at Genesis, his second biggest project. Following is the mail expressing concerns. Decide yourself, If you want to buy in Suncity Gloria and then be helpless for future.

On 18/02/12 Amit Gupta of B3 008,Owner wrote:

Hi All,

We all know that there is a plan to shift supermarket to Genesis clubhouse.This is to request all the flat owners to please meet tomorrow at 11:00am and cast your vote.

Apologies for such a short notice.

After talking to few residents we gathered few points why we should not have supermarket in Genesis

Here is the list of reasons why the supermarket should not open inside Genesis complex.

There is no clarity whether the Supermarket is exclusive for Genesis residents or will it be used Jointly by all the residents of suncity, Euphoria, Zephire and Genesis.
If the Super market opens Cleanliness will be a big problem, with all the garbage near the clubhouse
People will park the vehicles near the clubhouse.
Movement of trucks will increase.
With more commercial vehicles near the clubhouse, Noise pollution is a big problem and peace of mind of the residents ; specially B1 and A5 is at stake.
We don’t have any means to stop the residents of nearby societies who come inside for shopping.
With outside people coming to the club house the Usage of common facilities will increase (People might start mis-using the facilities).
With increased Usage of common facilities the maintenance cost will also increase.
with so many outsiders in the residential complex Safety and security will be a challenge, Chances of theft, molestation, eve-teasing, risk of rag pickers from nearby locality roaming around in the apartment complex will increase.
In future there is possibility that supermarket vendor will extend it by bringing in coffee shop, restaurant or bar.

Amit Gupta

The reason Suncity Gloria is being sold so cheap is that builder makes money by commercializing all the project later on. He will build a idli shop, super market and control it.


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2 Responses to “Helpless owners of Genesis try to keep CLPD goons at bay.”

  1. Amit Gupta Says:

    It is quite unfortunate that some of the owner of Genesis passed on the email (which was addressed to Genesis owners only) in public.

    Every building residents and builder face their share of problem. If you go through the email it points out the reason why Genesis residents don’t want the supermarket.

    In the end I would like to say that people should not get mis-guided by the comments of people who are trying defame Genesis.

    @ the person who posted our confidential email- In future please verify the entire story before publishing.

    Amit Gupta

    • suncitygloria Says:

      I have always welcomed people forwarding good or bad about CLPD here. I know this piece of information was not forwarded to me by you, but another resident. I have no problem with you issuing a clarification.

      Also for your information I want to let you know that the whole of building where club house is a commercial complex. The only reason builder stopped shifting the supermarket was because Suncity residents had done a BBMP complaint and CLPD had received a demolition notice. When the right people have been paid off, and the notice is withdrawn, the supermarket will come right back.

      Also the reason gate of Genesis was removed is to help free movement of people inside Genesis. Would you also care to comment about the passage to school that has been built inside genesis.

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